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Therafin + Innovation = ?

In 2018, Therafin celebrates its fifty-year anniversary, a milestone that is indicative of the countless hours of life and labor that has been poured into a progressive and constantly changing rehabilitation industry. Because of Therafin’s

Therafin Innovation Boccia Ramphistory of highly professional designs and product manufacturing in a niche market, we decided to take our skills into the adaptive sports market to innovate new and improved industry favorites, like Boccia ramps. It was through this fun venture that Therafin Innovation™ was born, and its through this venue that “Gravity: Premium Boccia Gear” exists. We are ecstatic to continue seeing the increase in Boccia athletes across nation, and we don’t want to skip a single beat in this exciting world that we’ve come to love.

Therafin Enters the World of Boccia

In Therafin’s vision to combine imagination, innovation, and inspiration to the adaptive athletic community, we’ve developed an entry-level Boccia ramp (the BOSS) that is all-American designed and manufactured. Boccia is perhaps the oldest sport in human history, with gameplay rooted in Greece, when they threw stones instead of the modern-day leather balls. There is also evidence from Egyptian excavations of Boccia-like sports being played as far back as 5200 BC. Now, thousands of years later, over fifty countries practice Boccia competitively, making it a sport that everyone can enjoy, especially Paralympic athletes.

Boccia? Boccia Ramp? What’s That?

The BOSS Boccia ramp includes the functionality and luxury of a Paralympic competition tier ramp while remaining affordable for every Boccia athlete. Within Boccia gameplay, there are 4 main athlete classifications: BC1, BC2, BC3, and BC4. The BOSS ramp is geared to specifically accompany the BC3 athlete, who is usually diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy or another condition (namely, CP-ISRA CP1 classification) and who uses a ramp and “ramper” (a personal assistant) for gameplay. Though this Boccia ramp can be used by any Boccia athlete, the specific user will normally be an athlete who is categorized in the BC3 classification. The BOSS ramp is Therafin Innovation’s first Boccia ramp of many. We are constantly innovating our designs and seeking the invaluable input from Boccia athletes themselves. This is not aguessing game for us; we are creating exactly what Boccia athletes have told us is needed on the

Boccia court and during gameplay. We are listening to you, and we will continue to meet the demand of the Boccia sport by designing Boccia ramps for gameplay at every level, including recreational and competition tier ramps. We know this is no simple task, so we are being careful to utilize our decades of experience to create only the very best Boccia ramps for our athletes.

Boccia has become so popular worldwide that it is now one of only two Paralympic sports that has no Olympic counterpart. During the 2016 Rio Summer Paralympics there were seven Boccia events with 104 competing athletes from 23 countries. As Boccia continues to grow worldwide as an inclusive sport of various classifications, Therafin is contributing valuable knowledge to the Boccia industry by providing competing Paralympic athletes and the everyday Boccia player with tools that will make their gameplay as enjoyable, freeing, and independent as science will allow.

Why Boccia?

Recent studies conducted by the European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity (EUJAPA)—among others including Esc. Sup. De Tecnologia de Saúde do Porto in Portugal (ESTSP), Instituto de Engeharia Electrónica e Telemática de Aveiro, and Lab. Inteligencia Artificial e Ciência de Computadores—suggest that both block and randomly scheduled Boccia practices improve motor skills and increase autonomy and independence for athletes with cerebral palsy. In Therafin’s effort to share in this tremendous opportunity, we’ve created revolutionary Boccia designs, all with the express purpose of equipping Boccia athletes with the supplemental tools necessary to perform at their peak.

Therafin is a company that has been built and grown with a heart and drive to improve the lifestyle of those who live with cerebral palsy or similar conditions. Using modern technological advances and breakthrough innovation, we have ushered in a new era at Therafin, where everything you need, whether adaptive rehabilitation, or assistive technology—big or small, complex or simple—can become reality. At Therafin, your dreams and ideas will come to life. We have experts who will assist you every step of the way, from brainstorming to designing, from creation to distribution. The innovation that you dream is the oxygen that we breathe. Join Therafin as we revolutionize the custom technological and adaptation industry. Don’t be shy. Imagine. Innovate. Inspire.

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