The Hammer


The Hammer Boccia Ramp Logo

HAMMER- 1st Prototype

  • Designed For The Competitive Player

  • Received Ample Feedback from Boccia Players All Over The World, including Paralympians and Coaches

    • Comment 1: Make Base Sturdier

    • Comment 2: Make rotation smoother and easier to access

    • Comment 3: Create a handle for carrying

    • Comment 4: Make the ramp lighter

    • Comment 5: Make extensions rigid

HAMMER- 4th Prototype

  • Months of Continued Feedback and Product Development

  • Many Improvements Made:

    • Sturdy, highly adjustable base with outrigger legs

    • Lightweight, rigid extensions

    • Overhead-extension addition and improvement

    • Carrying handle added

    • Fully rotational base with intelligent locking mechanism


  • Comes With A Case

  • Easy To Assemble and Operate