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  • Modular Sneeze Guard for L-Shaped Desks | 14 Sizes

    4.00 out of 5
    • See PDF in “2 Panel Configurations” tab below to understand each “2 Panel” system.
    • Adjustable, modular 1/4″ acrylic partitions for your desk with interlocking legs. Every size connects to each other in seconds without any tools! Have a standalone sneeze guard, or connect any combination together. You can have a single unit stand by itself or secure dozens together at the corner joint. *Interlocking legs for secure joining of corners – interlocking at 90-degree angle only!*
    • Create a sneeze guard for your L-Shape Desk with the 48″ Wide connected to the 24″ Wide, or use any combination of the four sizes to make a new creation. The possibilities are endless.
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA. Therafin Corporation is a veteran in the medical devices space (51 years of medical device manufacturing experience). When you buy our sneeze guard, you’re buying experience and confidence.
    • Every guard is made with precise engineering and state of the art CNC routers, which means every unit is exactly to specification.
    • The screen is made from acrylic and the feet are made from high density polyethylene.
  • Sneeze Guard by StaSafe48" Wide x 32" Tall Acrylic Sneeze Guard by StaSafe

    Acrylic Sneeze Guard | 3 Sizes

    0 out of 5
    • Versatile and Quick: This portable barrier will fit in most counter spaces, and will be up and ready in less than 60 seconds (no tools required!)
    • 12 x 1.5 inch opening to pass through documents.
    • Made with 1/4″ acrylic for the screen and the freestanding legs.
    • Nominal size for each variation is 0.5″ less width and height than posted.
  • Taxi Sneeze Shield by StaSafeTaxi Sneeze Shield by StaSafe 1

    Taxi Sneeze Shield for Ridesharing Drivers | Adjustable

    0 out of 5
    • Made from durable and shatter resistant 1/8″ polycarbonate. Much better than acrylic for durability and shatter resistance. StaSafe by Therafin has been manufacturing medical equipment with polycarbonate for decades, and we have become experts to ensure smooth edges, high quality, packaging, and a product that arrives exactly as you expect.
    • Adjustable for different sized vehicles. Great for Uber or Lyft drivers, as well as Taxi drivers.
    • The width is adjustable up to 51.6″ wide and down to 43.6″ wide. The height at the center console is adjustable up to 32″ tall and as short as 27.5″ inches.
    • Quickly secures to the headrests with posts. Includes bungee cords and mounting strap for easy set up. Fit to your vehicle in less than 10 minutes and hit the road!
    • Fits most vehicles!
  • Circular & Squared Table Sneeze Guard by StaSafeCircular & Squared Table Sneeze Guard by StaSafe 1

    Circle & Square Table Sneeze Guard | 3 Sizes

    0 out of 5
    • The Acrylic Table Divider Sneeze Guard by StaSafe quickly and effortlessly creates four sections in a table for individuals to be better protected from spreading germs.
    • If you prefer to buy in bulk, please reach out to us at for the best deals. If you have an Amazon business account, please take advantage of our quantity discounts.
    • Assembly time is only 2 minutes with no tools required. Adhesive stabilizers included for an extra secure placement on table.
    • Satisfaction guarantee. Please reach out directly to StaSafe for custom work or bulk orders. We quote and fulfill at lightning speed!
    • Actual size is 0.5″ smaller in width and height for manufacturing optimization.
  • Larger cutout 34394 stasafe sneeze guard

    Sneeze Guard with Heavy Duty Legs | 3 Sizes

    0 out of 5
    • The sturdiest acrylic barrier you can find. The legs are built with High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) and the acrylic screen is routed with clean, smooth edges on state of the art CNC machines in Frankfort, Illinois, USA. Whether you’re a teacher, student, school system, business, hospital, or restaurant, look no further than StaSafe by Therafin Corporation for the highest quality sneeze guards money can buy.
    • Don’t see what you’re looking for? See more at, or reach out to us personally for custom quotes for bulk orders, custom designs, and more. We do it all.
    • Versatile and QUICK, this portable plexiglass barrier will fit in most counter spaces and desks, and will be up and ready in less than 60 seconds (no tools required!)
    • We live in a different world. Let us help you get what you need to get back to “normal” as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a sneeze guard, acrylic partition, or plexiglass barrier, StaSafe by Therafin has exactly what you need for the price you need it for.
  • Portable Tri-Fold Sneeze Guard by StaSafe 1Portable Tri-Fold Sneeze Guard by StaSafe 5

    Portable Tri-Fold Sneeze Guard

    0 out of 5
    • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS – This sneeze guard was designed with direct feedback from multiple school systems.
    • MADE OF APPROX. 1/4″ ACRYLIC – thicker, sturdier, and higher quality than the other options out there, which are usually flimsy and made of 1/8″ acrylic or even thinner.
    • USE FOR THE ENTIRE CLASSROOM – Keep them up and open in front of all the students, or have them bring their own and set up in front of them in each class room. Perfect for grade school, colleges, universities, and any other use imaginable.
    • 52 YEARS OF MANUFACTURING EXPERIENCE IN THE MEDICAL SPACE – Therafin Corporation has been manufacturing complex rehab and medical equipment since 1968. This isn’t our first rodeo, and our quality speaks for itself. Don’t keep replacing broken units. Ours are meant to last.
    • AMERICAN MADE AND MANUFACTURED – We provide custom solutions of all shapes and sizes to outfit any space for any situation. Reach out to us directly to have all your design specifications met if this isn’t the exact product you’re looking for.
  • Rectangular sneeze guard by StaSafe

    Rectangle Table Sneeze Guard | 3 Sizes

    0 out of 5
    • The Acrylic Table Divider Sneeze Guard by StaSafe quickly and effortlessly divides rectangular table for individuals to be better protected from spreading germs.
    • Assembly time is only 2 minutes with no tools required. Adhesive stabilizers included for an extra secure placement on table.
    • All panels are 29.5″ tall and made with 1/4″ thick acrylic. Much sturdier and higher quality than the competition!
  • Clamp On Sneeze Guard by StaSafeClamp On Sneeze Guard by StaSafe 1

    Clamp On Sneeze Guard | 4 Sizes

    0 out of 5
    • CLAMP ON SNEEZE GUARD: Protect your desk with this acrylic shield using the included C-clamps. Your desk space isn’t reduced because the plexiglass screen sits on the outer edge of the desk or table.
    • FITS MOST DESKS AND WORKSPACES: The clamp will fit most desks with a maximum desk thickness of 1 3/4”. Spin the knob to tighten it up and simply remove it when the world returns to normal! (Normal… what does that even mean anymore?)
    • STASAFE IN STYLE: Product helps you StaSafe in 4 sizes to fit almost any desk. Use in combination to get a great fit every time. All sizes nominal. Actual size varies slightly
    • ONE-STOP-SHOP: Visit our full store by clicking “Visit the Therafin Corporation Store” above. We have every sneeze guard you can think of.
    • SNEEZE GUARDS BY STASAFE: Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Need to buy in bulk? Don’t fear. We ship thousands of units all over the world and are ready to take your order. Reach out to us via Amazon or directly at our website and we’ll get you squared away faster than you can say “cover your mouth!”
  • Freestanding Vinyl Sneeze Guard by StaSafe

    Freestanding Vinyl Sneeze Guard | Adjustable

    0 out of 5
    • This adjustable, vinyl barrier is the perfect sneeze guard to use when social distancing is not possible. It is free standing, assembles quickly, and adjusts with ease.
    • The vinyl screen is infinitely adjustable between 10-feet wide and 62-inches tall down to 6-feet wide and 40-inches tall.
    • Easily divide restaurant tables, office cubicles, school desks, and even conference room areas to create a clean and safe area for your employees and patrons.
    • StaSafe is a brand committed to provided the best quality partitions and sneeze guards available so that you can safely continue doing what you do best.
    • StaSafe is a Therafin Corporation brand, designing and manufacturing Sneeze Guards in Illinois. We were founded in 1968 and have been manufacturing medical devices and other products for over 50 years. When you buy StaSafe, you can buy with confidence.
  • Hanging Sneeze Guard by StaSafe

    Hanging Sneeze Guard | 2 Sizes

    0 out of 5
    • These sneeze guards are made to hang from the ceiling with ease. All hardware for your easy installation is included in packaging, with two 8-foot long chains included to allow the exact height adjustment needed for your space. Your guard will be up in no time!
    • Each size can be hung in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, giving your unique space the perfect fit.
    • StaSafe is a trusted sneeze guard brand; all sneeze guards are made in The Unites States and shipped quickly and efficiently.

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