Safety Masks

  • Safety Mask | 4 Sizes | 3 Colors

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    • Other Masks are “One Size Fit All”. Not ours. With the Safety Mask by StaSafe, you can choose a size that fits you just right.
    • Our masks each come with one Filti brand filter and the ability to replace the filter as needed. The filters have a MERV Rating of 16 and are up to 95% efficient at 0.3 micron.
    • Masks can be washed, so you can always trust the cleanliness of the mask you wear!
    • Straps can be worn around the head, or around the ears. It’s totally up to you, whatever is most comfortable. You tie them perfectly to your face, cut off the loose ends, and have a comfortable mask that fits!
    • Fabric is comfortable, breathable, and simply better than what you’re used to. It’s like wearing a cloud on your face. Wearing a mask won’t even bother you anymore.