Journal of a Unicorn, #1

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Journal Entry 7.15.17

It’s a dreary and awful night. The clouds are mushroom tapestries overhead my uneasy galloping in the electric night. The wind is racing steadily through the trees around me. With each step I fear a branch might collapse or a tree hinder the narrowing path.

One strike of lightning.

Two strikes of lightning.

Thunder surrounds me.

I see a break in the squall many miles ahead, but my mind swims in a disturbing hypothetical. What if…

But I can’t think this way. I gallop as quickly as I can. I make haste such that my hooves are meeting the wetness of the ground with a steamy haze.

I approach ever closer to a calmer sky when I see a building. Upon the building there’s mounted a sign: Therafin Innovation. The sign is welcoming and warm within the frightening, brisk wind in which I stand. I ring a doorbell, which echoes a pleasant hymn, and through the door I walk.

Journal Entry 7.28.17

It’s been almost two weeks since I came to Therafin. The team here brought me in from the insufferable outdoors. They offered me a cup of hot coffee. They gave me a bag of freshly popped popcorn. They matted a bed of straw for me to lay my head, and they told me to stay as long as I please. I think I might stay forever.

I try to help out when I can, but manufacturing isn’t very easy with hooves.

Maybe I’ll find a hobby.

Journal Entry 8.8.17

I found a hobby. Sometimes when the group is gathered together, I like to make a surprise entrance. I try to pick the least important moments around the office, like when there’s a company meeting, or when someone is trying to meet a strict deadline.

I love my new Therafin Innovation family.



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