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"I Have a Great Idea For An Invention!"

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Do you have some cool invention idea but don’t know how to begin making it come to life?

Therafin Innovation Is Your Invention

Do you sit up late at night, dreaming from deep within your inventor-saturated mind, wondering how perfect the world would seem if you could only transform your amazing idea into a real, producible item?

Are you dangerously aware of your own tendency to have exceptional ideas for inventions, but never seem to follow through with making your dreams into a reality?


If you answered yes toTom Hanks Invents Fire one or more of these questions, then Therafin Innovation is here to change your life forever. We love “inspiring innovation through imagination.” When we hear the challenge of an incredible invention or idea, the very first thing to come to our mind is “How can we manufacture this perfect idea so that everyone can share in the glorious goodness of our fruitful labor?”

Therafin has been around for nearly 50 years, and we have created items that have had international impacts for people young and old alike. With the highly skilled engineers and dreamers we have here on site, we have decided to accept any and every idea for review, regardless of how wild and crazy it might seem. Do you think your idea is worth inventing? Stop thinking and start talking! Pick up the phone, or take out your iPhone, or send us a Harry Potter owl, or a telegram, or a text message… do something!… to somehow notify us of the brilliance that is your idea.

You. Are Literally. Amazing. Please don’t let the I have an Ideaworld suffer because you decided not to tell us of the perfection that is your imagination.



With the deepest fervor and eagerness to invent,

The Therafin Innovation Team

Your Invention Matters

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