About us

Prevent the spread of germs in style.

StaSafe is a brand of Therafin Corporation, and Therafin is one big ol’ family. When you buy StaSafe products, you join the family, and we make sure our family is taken good care of.

You likely have a very unique need at your counter or point of contact. Don’t worry. Every guard we make is 100% quality controlled and American manufactured. Transform your business into an elegant point of contact between you and your valued customers, even in this time of high caution and safeguarding. Stop the transfer of germs from sneezes, coughs, throat-clearing, and talking with StaSafe’s state of the art sneeze guards.

StaSafe by Therafin is a quality complex rehab manufacturer of over 50 years. If there’s one thing we understand, it’s the importance of protecting staff and customers alike in all hospitals, facilities, and points of contact. Don’t leave safety to chance. Therafin will ensure you have the best safeguard available for diminishing germ transfer at your counters.